Historical Maps & Documents from Grand Lake Oakfield

Below are a collection of historical maps and documents relating to Grand Lake Oakfield and the surrounding area.   Many of the maps shown are just small sections of the larger original.   Many thanks to all the contributors from whom many of these maps and photos have come.  For more information about any of the maps and photos or if you have anything to add or comment on, please contact Paul Parusel at pjparusel(@)gmail.com 


Woolford's Surveys - 1818

This is probably one of the earliest maps of the area, drawn by John Elliott Woolford.  He was employed by George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie as 'landscape and portrait painter and Draughtsman to His Excellency' between the years of 1817 to 1818.  He was tasked with creating maps of the only two highways in the province at that time, Hwy 1 from Halifax to Windsor and Hwy 2 from Halifax to Truro.  The Kently's farm was located on what is now Given Drive in Brookhill Estates and the Jeffery's farm was on Holland road.  The Hall's farm (also called Bennery House or the Dalhousie Inn) stood at the end of the Grant Road in Enfield until it succumbed to a gale while under restoration in the mid 1980's .  This 'Old Truro Highway' through Grand Lake Oakfield still exists in parts today.  Although much has been lost to development, many stretches lined with massive white pine are the same road once traveled by the Earl of Dalhousie 200 years ago. 


A. F. Church Map - 1864

This section comes from a scan of  the A. F. Church map of Halifax County, generously provided by Thea Wilson-Hammond, executive director of the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society.  It clearly shows the original Hwy 2 (Old Truro Road) and any establishments and the families living along its path.   The hotel shown was Schutz's Inn and the saw mill (located below the hotel) on Tannery Brook was likely the one owned by John Kenty.   The Summerfield Estate, owned by George Nichols, is highlighted by the three buildings present at the time.  Oakfield is not yet on the map as it was not established until 1866.

Shubenacadie Canal - C1870

An interesting map first published in an 1883 report by E. H. Keating to the American Society of Civil Engineers.   It shows a few landmarks such as Schutz's Inn and some buildings on the Oakfield Estate.  It is one of the first maps that shows both Hwy 2 and the Old Truro Road together on the same map.  Interestingly it shows a road connecting the Old Truro Road (lower track) to Hwy #2 at Oakfield Park road which is not present on any other maps as well.  

Elmsdale - 1908

This map is from The Geological Survey of Canada drawn and compiled by E. R. Faribault between 1884 and 1909.  These maps were intended for mining purposes but contain a wealth of cultural and historical information.  On this map the Oakfield House is present (to the bottom-left of Fish Lake), as well the road to Sandy Cove and the railway platform.  St. Margaret's church and it's cemetery are also shown.  Notice the Old Truro Road is not even marked on this map as a track or trail.

Uniacke - 1917-1953

This is a map from Department of National Defence first created in 1917 and last updated in 1951.  It is very detailed and shows all the building present at the time.  Oakfield Estate now has multiple buildings and its own railway siding.  It's interesting to note the road thru the estate runs on the west side of Oakfield House as opposed to the 1908 map where it's on the east.   One can see how the provincial paving program completed in the late 1930's straightened the #2 HYW in a few places, most notably the loop to the right of Fish Lake was cut off to create Acorn Drive and further south in Wellington, a long section of the #2 was twinned to eliminate the necessity for two railway level crossings, thus creating Church Street.  The Old Truro Road was shown as a dirt road from the end of Holland Road to the Kelly farm (located at the end of Kelly Road) but beyond that as just a track with only the Kenty farm in Grand Lake still shown.  

Halifax & Hants Counties Land Grants - 1939-2009

This maps spans over 70 years but still contains lots of historical tracks and roads that are long forgotten.  Many of the original land grants in the area are clearly visible along with the grantee and lot size.